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Pinnacle India - Global Leader in BIM Solutions for AEC Firms

We have been the global leader in providing cutting-edge endtoend BIM solutions to AEC firms worldwide for more than three decades.

We have successfully completed more than 7,500 projects for 1200+ clients across 42 countries on six continents.

As a leading BIM solution provider, we possess expert knowledge in all facets of the AEC industry including planning, designing, modeling, visualization and analysis.

We are the global leader in providing innovative endtoend BIM solutions

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is one of the most advanced and comprehensive design and construction tools available today. It has revolutionized how we approach architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) projects. By modeling and analyzing a project from all perspectives, it provides us with a holistic view of its structure as well as materials used.

For over 30+ years, we have provided comprehensive BIM solutions to AEC firms worldwide, helping them construct more accurate, dependable and cost-effective projects. With 650+ architects, engineers and CAD specialists who understand international standards and practices in AEC, our project results always meet or exceed client expectations.

As a leader in providing comprehensive BIM services, we have extensive expertise executing the full BIM lifecycle for our clients. We collaborate with all project stakeholders - architect, engineer and contractors - to guarantee that each stage is precisely coordinated and modeled.

With our expert knowledge of industry standards and the most recent advancements, we are able to deliver cost-effective yet high quality designs and drawings for projects. Our clients gain from a faster and more efficient project process, increased productivity, and reduced overall project costs.

Furthermore, we are certified as ISO 9001:2008 for process orientation and quality control, as well as ISO 14001:2015 for environmental management.

At our firm, we prioritize building trust and integrity with our clients. Our dedication to excellence in every project ensures that each one receives the highest possible level of satisfaction.

Our BIM services have been applied to a range of projects, from large infrastructure undertakings to smaller residential and commercial buildings. By using BIM, we're able to create more reliable products while decreasing overall project costs through improved coordination between design and construction teams.

We are honored to be the official BIM partner for Lusail Stadium in Qatar, one of the most iconic and popular soccer stadiums worldwide. Drawing upon our vast expertise in BIM, we were able to deliver 1400+ BIM models and 35000+ Shop drawings for this project.

We are committed to excellence

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Our cutting-edge endtoend solutions have earned us a worldwide reputation as the best of the best in the industry. From our cloud business platform to our mobile app, we help you run your business smarter and more efficiently while always putting customer needs first.

Our team of experts are passionate about providing the highest quality experience for you and your customers. We're continuously striving to enhance our services, so whatever it takes to meet your requirements is what we will do.

As one of the top SAP partners worldwide, we've earned numerous awards over time. Our latest accomplishment is being recognized for providing an exceptional customer experience and our success in cloud technology.

The SAP Pinnacle Awards are an annual celebration of SAP partners around the world. Divided into 28 categories, these awards recognize outstanding performance achievements by partners.

From the most sought-after products to remarkable innovations, each of our partners has proven their skill in various areas. It is a testament to their dedication that the winning partners were recognized with top prizes across multiple categories.

What sets apart award winning partners from their competition is their capacity for providing superior, reliable products and services that exceed customers' expectations. This is accomplished through extensive market research, customer feedback and access to a wealth of tools and resources.

Pinnacle India stands out with their passion for innovation. As proud members of the SAP partner community, we strive to make our products and services as efficient as possible for our customers.

We are a team of experts

Our experts hail from a variety of industries and bring with them an extensive amount of expertise. All share a passion for knowledge, innovation and an upbeat outlook; they all believe in providing our customers with the most beneficial solutions that can truly make a difference.

Vincent is an internationally-recognized senior controls specialist with extensive experience in managing large teams on complex projects. He holds certifications in oil & gas, construction and power sectors. As a Project Controls Professional (PCP), Vincent has worked on many renowned initiatives such as SAPREF Turnaround Shutdown, Shell Detergent Alkaline Plant Decommissioning and Clean Fuels Project.

Allyson brings over two decades of IT, customer service and strategic role experience to her role at Pinnacle where she ensures the company meets its customer experience goals and strives for an integrated and seamless customer journey across all contact points. Furthermore, Allyson is on a mission to improve customer satisfaction and efficiency through improved systems and processes.

Wayne has over four decades of steel fabrication expertise, having spent most of his career in Australia. His skills include welding, machining and project management with specialization in pressure vessels, boilers, tower cranes, mining plant and equipment, gas plants, offshore drilling rigs and well head platform construction.

Pinnacle India team possess a comprehensive understanding of fabrication and design, and can assist clients on all projects from pre-conceptualisation through post-build implementation. Our experts possess an in-depth comprehension of key requirements such as Quality, Traceability and Materials Management that guarantee successful projects. Through this expertise, we offer our clients a complete solution which integrates their processes and procedures from the start in order to guarantee their success.

We are a company

Pinnacle India is a multinational company with operations throughout the US, Europe and Asia. We provide an array of services in product design, engineering and manufacturing as well as strategic sourcing solutions at various stages in the supply chain lifecycle.

With over 100 offices and branches around the world, we make it easier for our customers to collaborate with us. Furthermore, our commitment to offering high quality products and innovative solutions at competitive prices sets us apart.

We are honored to be associated with some of the top names in manufacturing. From seating & interiors, speciality vehicles, irrigation - our global partners trust in us to deliver top-notch products.

Our business also involves the engineering and production of sensors, measuring instruments, automation systems and LED lighting control solutions for industries such as automotive, aerospace, mining, industrial electronics and medical.

At Pinnacle India, our highly diversified team of experts ensures that projects are finished on schedule and within budget. This frees our clients to focus on what they do best while we take care of the rest.

For further details about our company, please read through our comprehensive corporate profile. Additionally, we have listed our top-notch services to make it easy for you to select the ideal partner for your requirements. We look forward to working with you - please don't hesitate to get in touch at any time!